In May 20, 2020, Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology hosted the XIX international scientific conference "Youth. Society. Modern Science, Technology and Innovation" for bachelors, masters, postgraduates and young scientists. The published electronic collection of conference materials will be indexed by the Russian index of citation and located in E-library. The 2 departments, Technical foreign language and Business foreign language, organized the conference.

This year's conference was attended by 115 participants from Russia, Austria, China and India. Despite the impossibility of personal participation in the sessions of the sections, the participants presented video reports, from which the winners of the conference were selected. There were 28 video reports for 4 workshops. The winners of each section were awarded with diplomas.

The International scientific conference "Youth. Society. Modern Science, Technology and Innovation" is held annually to integrate higher education and basic science, attract bachelors, specialists, masters, and postgraduates to discuss and solve current problems, assist in the creation of international research teams of young researchers and the development of their cooperation. The reports presented at the conference contain the results of their own research of a theoretical and experimental nature.

We would be glad to greet you at our conference next year!


Marina Savelyeva,

Head of Department of Foreign Languages for Engineering Students

"… This year the conference gives young researchers the floor for the 19-th time. Our conference is 19, it means that the event has become as mature as many of you, however, it is still young and it is developing. Every year we, as the conference organizers, could feel that your research and presentations contain new ideas reflecting the spirit of science. Fortunately, we could state the participants demonstrate their improving skills and really profound research, therefore, the conference meets its mission and tasks.

We consider our every year conference to be a useful tradition; paraphrasing Jonah Goldberg a bit, we could say “the traditions grow cultures and generations”. We wish you follow right traditions and become successful researchers! "


Natalia Shumakova,

Head of Department of Foreign languages for Business Students

"…This year we conduct our annual international conference in challenging conditions caused by external reasons as humanity experiences an important period now. It’s substantial to emphasize the importance of maintaining a high level of scientific international cooperation in the conditions of isolation. A current situation addresses the problem of integrating faculty and students into the global educational and research environment. Universities globally are challenged both to keep a high level of education and continue cross-cultural scientific communication.

We are pleased to present the results of your scientific research in this edited volume of works. We truly believe that your participation in the conference is a successful investment in a bank of your soft skills and professional qualifications necessary for your future market competitiveness. "

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