Today Reshetnev University is home to Russian and foreign scientific and training schools, famous all over the country and abroad as well.

Scientific and Pedagogical Schools:

  • Software for falt-tolerant systems of information processing and control (professor I.V. Kovalev).
  • Pseudo-Boolean optimization and its applications (professor A.N. Antamoshkin).
  • Evolution methods of modeling and optimization of complex systems (professor E.S. Semenkin).
  • Automatization of technological processes (professor V.D. Laptenok).
  • Management of innovation development in the aerospace industry (professor G.P. Belyakov).
  • Selection of woody plants (professor R.N. Matveeva).
  • Pedagogical strategies in professional socialization (professor V.V. Ignatova).
  • Technologies and equipment for woodland management and environmental engineering (professor V.F. Poletaykin).
  • Fine organic synthesis (professor G.A. Suboch).
  • Rational and complex usage of Siberian and Far East wood (professor V.V. Ogurtsov).
  • Common factors of heat-mass-exchange processes and equipment development in technology of sound biomass processing of wood (professor Yu.D. Alashkevich).