Our University has a reputation for achievements in culture and art. Great contributions were made by creative university teams that represented the University in competitions and festivals at different levels. From the very beginning of studying at the University students become accustomed to student life. Every year first-year students get the opportunity to become members of various creative groups and student departments. Graduates attract first-year students to one of many social, sport and creative activities. During the ceremony called “Students Initiation” first-year students visit recreation centers and camps together with senior students. The informal atmosphere is the best way to adapt to the university life.

At the beginning of October students meet at the Open Reshetnev University KVN League “Pusk” continuing KVN traditions. Students representing faculties are rivals only on the stage; off the stage they are all friends and good fellows. The Reshetnev University KVN League provides an opportunity to meet guests from other universities. It adds excitement to the game and a memorable experience for fans. Every step of the competition attracts a full hall of fans and gives smiles and joy to the audience.

The students represent the University in local, territorial, and All-Russia competitions.

The Reshetnev University KVN team is the champion of the KVN League on the Yenisei and has been the finalist in the International festival KiViN in 2013 in Sochi.

Reshetnev University students always look forward to their favorite beauty competition “Miss University.” In addition to impeccable appearance the participants represent their deep knowledge in all spheres: choreographic training, mastery of acting, stupendous costumes, spectacular special effects and breathtaking performances.

Every event is accompanied by the Reshetnev University dance groups. The group “Nadezhda” (art director T. Burichenko) is the laureate of the International Dance Festival “New Dance Stars” held in Yalta, the International Modern Dance Competition “Aysedora”, winners of the All-Russia Festival “Terpsikhora” and laureates of the Festival “Crystal Nike”.

In 2014 the choreographic group “Adastra” (art directors: V. Sinitsyn and T. Bukhtiyarova) became the winner of the first degree in “Youth Delphic Games of Russia”.

They were also winners of the World Dance Contests: "Russian Rhapsody in Europe" (Poland) and "The sea, sun, festival" (Spain). In addition, they have gained the respect and affection of their audiences. They are laureates of festivals of modern choreography and plastique organized within the Interuniversity Students’ Festivals “Spring in USTU”, laureates of the All-Russia Festival of choreographic groups, and winners of the regional competition of amateur dance groups named after M.S. Godenko (2014).

The Dance Group “Anartes” (art director: D. Sitsukov and E. Korytina) was named after the brightest star in the constellation Scorpion. For the past four years they have represented Reshetnev University at the Governor’s Ball. They are the champions of “IQ-ball 2012 and 2013”, winners of the International Festivals: “Bulgarian Assembly 2012 (Bulgaria)” and “Neva wave-2012”.

Annually the Students’ Union organizes the promotional race “Prometheus”. The students ski all over the districts of the Krasnoyarsk Region and organize meetings with school students. They tell them about the University and entertain them with performances.